Families that Eat Brains Together, Stay Together

1 Nov

Nothing says “Perfect Halloween” like making costumes, eating too much candy, and throwing a temper tantrum.

Darin and Oscar had a good time, too.

We went as the main voting demographic of the current election:

That’s right, mindless, flesh-eating undead monsters.

Who eat babies…

Oscar enjoyed another long-held tradition of politics, going door-to-door and taking food out of people’s mouths.

Look at how he panders to the cameras.

Overall, we had a wonderful time, and taught Oscar a lot about family values.

The most important value in this family being, Mama gets all the candy.

I love that having kids is like experiencing a second childhood. For years we never celebrated Halloween except to hoard cheap candy to tide us over until Christmas.

Now we can experience the joy of dressing up, carving pumpkins, and having an excuse to watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

Finally, in a few days we can all experience the joy of the fact that in less than 48 hours we will no longer have to watch political commercials, pulls ugly fliers our of our mail, or deal with robot phone calls. I’d rather get Zombie phone calls any day.

Zombies don’t talk, but they sure are cute.

6 thoughts on “Families that Eat Brains Together, Stay Together

  1. This is hilarious–especially the main-contingent-of-our-current voting-demographic. And it’s true. I love having a 2nd childhood (OK, college was kind of a good 2nd childhood too), through my kids. Yay Zombies. Yay kids.

  2. This is seriously my favorite costumes that I’ve seen this year. I LOVE that all of you dressed up. And baby eating is yummy….no calories. 😉

  3. Oops–never mind-just got my confirmation email for your newsletter! Yay!

    And WAY cool costumes–love them! O is so incredibly cute!

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