National Nobodies Writing What?

8 Nov

It’s National Novel Writing Month This is an annual event in which people are encouraged to write 50,000 words in a month. It is tremendous fun and the community that has built up around it is amazing. Millions participate. The … Read More »

Ten Foods I Won’t Eat

18 Oct

In honor of the all of the posts I’m seeing around Facebook about foods that the “experts” won’t eat, I’ve decided to make my own post.   1. Bacon Just kidding. I love bacon. 2. Pepsi Who drinks this? Coke … Read More »

Mono No Aware

20 Aug

“Mono No Aware” is a Japanese word that means an awareness of the impermanence of things and a gentle wistfulness at their passing. I came across this word recently in a book I was reading, and I love the complexity … Read More »