Decade (on turning 40)

25 Mar

On Sunday I turn 40. Since turning 30 I have: Lived in Flagstaff, taught middle school, run a 10-k, played in the snow, walked in the desert, touched a whale, wrote a dissertation, earned my doctorate, become a professor at … Read More »

Sunday “Bringe”

27 Jun

This morning after putting Oscar down for his nap, I indulged in a little binge. I scarfed the following: Ham and egg burrito Leftover crab dip Cheese and crackers Chips and salsa Brunch + binge = bringe No, I am … Read More »

Link Love

23 May

My favorites this week: 1. Crater Face (Darin’s find: A little student film that makes me happy & sad). 2. Article on the importance of books in the home. 3. For all you girly girls, Paper Cakes Finds is a … Read More »

Link Love

16 May

My favorites this week: 1. Cakes Wrecks has fun book cakes for Sunday Reading Sweets 2. An excellent review of Stephanie Cowell’s book Claude and Camille (via @dsaarinen) 3. Great post by Jody Hedlund: How to Find Blogging Ideas 4. … Read More »